Windows Users: Testing Safari Compatibility without Going to the Apple Store

Safari now compatible with Windows Every browser has it’s unique quirks when rendering HTML so my choice for quality assurance on a new website design is to view the new codes under Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari (when I get the chance). Until now, the only reliable way for me to view websites in Safari was to visit a local Apple store and use one of their Macs. I am happy to say that those days are officially over.

The latest beta release of Safari, the Mac OS default web browser, is now compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

In addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox, I can now open Safari on my Windows XP machine and test a new web design to my heart’s content. In fact, I am posting this entry using Safari right now and I do not own a Mac.

Initial Feedback of Safari under Windows XP

Although the latest Safari is still in beta, it has been pretty smooth sailing thus far. Page load seem quite fast and I have yet to receive any error messages running this Mac OS web browser inside Windows XP.

The only negative so far is the Font Smoothing feature. Even at the lowest setting, screen fonts seem a bit soft – similar to that of ClearType in Windows. It’s personal taste but I prefer my on-screen type-face to be sharp, not fuzzy smooth.

Feedback for Safari Developers

Only one request – a future release with an option to completely disable Font Smoothing would be fantastic.

Since installing Safari on my Windows machine, I no longer need to venture to the local Apple store to test websites. The next visit will surely be under my own will. It might even give me a chance to check out some of Apple’s latest products. How nice!

All internet marketers and web designers, download your copy of Safari for Windows today!

Ian Lee
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2 thoughts on “Windows Users: Testing Safari Compatibility without Going to the Apple Store”

  1. Warning: you will still need to test the different browsers on a mac!
    I’ve had multiple sites behave differently on a mac in firefox and safare compared to how they behaved on a pc in the same browser versions. Same goes for Linux.
    I guess the rendering still differs from platform to platform, even with the same browser version!


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