FeedBurner Integration for Blogspot & Blogger Blogs

FeedBurner Integration for Blogspot Blogs - Blogger As mentioned in Use Feed Autodiscovery to Increase Subscribers, one can simply add 1 line of code to any website or blog, and web browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox will automatically find your feed. This allows users to easily subscribe to your publication.

If you run a Blogspot blog, things just got better. You can now redirect your Blogger feed to your FeedBurner feed. By running this redirect and pushing your feed through FeedBurner, you will ensure that no fragmentation of your audience occurs and no subscribers are left behind. Essentially, users will only see 1 feed, your FeedBurner feed.

By redirecting your feed, you can consolidate any straggler subscribers and greatly improve your ability to effectively measure your audience.

After all the hard work that goes in to promoting your website or blog, it is definitely a shame to under report your subscribership. So if you run a Blogspot blog, follow the easy instructions at the Redirecting Your Blogger Feed to Your FeedBurner Feed Guide and integrate your blog today.

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  1. @Michael: The above announcement only relates to Blogspot. To forward all Wordpress feed traffic to FeedBurner, use FeedSmith.

    Steve Smith was the original creator but FeedBurner has officially adopted it. Both normal and comment feeds from this blog are being forwarded to FeedBurner using this plugin. It’s been working great from day 1. Hope that helps.


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