Vegan aioli

The Best Vegan Aioli / Cheese Sauce (INSTANT POT)

The kids often ask for mac and cheese. I love mac and cheese too but I am just not too thrilled about having to use a ton of cheese and milk / cream to make it delicious. I have tried variations with less cheese and even ones more on the tomato-ey side but it’s just […]

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Best No Liquid Smoke BBQ Sauce

The Best Homemade (No Liquid Smoke) BBQ Sauce

I normally use a store bought BBQ sauce for all of my recipes but having run out for quite some time, I had no way to make the sauce I needed for my seitan creations. Given that the Coronavirus has the world locked down, I am not venturing out to buy more BBQ sauce. The […]

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Instant Pot Pulled Pork Recipe – Perfect

Along with 200,000 Amazon Prime members who purchased an Instant Pot this last Prime Day, I also snagged one during a recent Amazon blow out deal. The deal only lasted for a few hours so I rushed to my local Best Buy and price beat it and get my new Instant Pot instantly! I have been testing […]

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Farmer’s Market – Freshest Veggies Possible

When you want to eat the freshest veggies, it’s really a no brainer; either harvest them from your own garden or buy them from a local farmers market. We are lucky that every Friday, our local community center is transformed into a grocery aisle with the freshest harvest of the day. Throughout the summer and […]

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Roasted Butternut Squash Salad Recipe

This is my first post using the WordPress iOS app. I am pretty excited after revamping this blog to find that the latest WordPress iOS app can access pretty much every setting that is needed to publish a new post. There is even an option to upload an image from my iPhone as well as […]

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Minami Yaletown Restaurant Grand Opening

On June 21, 2012, Gloria Tsang, Founding Editor of, and I were invited to attend the grand opening of Minami Yaletown Restaurant. Located in the heart of Yaletown in Vancouver, Minami is poised to spread Aburi style sushi from Vancouver and beyond. In fact, we were there when Miku Restaurant, sister restaurant to Minami, […]

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