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Port Moody CP Holiday Train Festivities

After all these years of seeing photos and videos of the CP Holiday Train (Canadian Pacific Holiday Train), I finally saw it with my own eyes. What a fun event that took place tonight (Dec 18, 2018) in Port Moody.  Glad my wife suggested we go a little earlier so we may have a better […]

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Cheapest Way to Print Photos – How I Saved $550 in Ink

As our digital assets continue to grow, we are all accumulating an insane amount of storage data on our hard drives and the cloud. Most of these will either gather digital dust or eventually encounter data degradation and become corrupted over time. Yes, digital files can go stale due to a phenomenon called data rot […]

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Best iPhone Photo Editing App

Although the camera on the iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C is pretty darn good already, especially in good light, almost all of the photos taken with an iPhone can be enhanced with some post processing. From enthusiasts who take a lot of photos on their iPhones to the casual user, you probably have multiple […]

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Fall Has Arrived – Time to Rake Leaves

It’s that time of the year again. Rain has arrived, daylight hours are getting less and it’s definitely raking season. Although fall is a beautiful time of the year, there are chores to be done. The yard and garden needs tending to and prepped for their winter sleep. Garden hoses need to be brought out […]

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Mike Wasowski Visited Me on Halloween

Another year and another Jack-O-Lantern. This year, Mike Wasowski from the movies Monsters Inc. and Monsters University visited me. Had a blast with Mike this year and he literally lit up the room… once I placed a candle inside of him of course. Check him out! I love this guy! Happy Halloween! Did you carve […]

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Here Is A Responsive WordPress Gallery

This post will show a true responsive way to display images using the default WordPress Gallery. Let me display thumbnails of the images I want to showcase. You will be able to click on any image and bring up a lightbox to scroll through all of the images. The best part, this is using the […]

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