What I Won From HomeServerLand

Microsoft Windows Home Server, whs, homeserverland prizes Last year, I setup a Windows Home Server (WHS) to run as a file and backup server. During the time, I connected with some of the industry leaders in the WHS realm. This was when I met a WHS expert by the name of Alexander Kent. Alex had developed a powerful Add-In for WHS called Grid Junction. Simply put, Grid Junction is a “must-have” Add-In for anyone who powers their WHS with an uninterrupted power supply (battery backup). During a lengthy power outage, Grid Junction can be scheduled to safely power down your Windows Home Server and networked PC’s to prevent data loss or Windows corruption. Through the tweaking of Grid Junction, I got to know Alex via instant messaging and email. I learned that Grid Junction won the Best Windows Home Server Add-in of 2008 Award and that Alex had received Microsoft’s Prestigious MVP Award for his contribution to the Microsoft Home Server. In short, this guy knows his way around Windows Home Server. Recently, Alex held a contest at HomeServerLand.com to give away copies of Windows Home Server and I am happy to report that I am a recipient of one of these! In fact, the above image shows what actually arrived in the mail; a copy of Windows Home Server, a paperback copy of “Mommy, Why is there a Server in the House?”, a paperback copy of “Server Feng Shui”, a WHS Pen with stickers to match! So a big thank you goes out to Alex for not only sending some cool items but for all your help in tweaking my Windows Home Server.

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