Thank You to a Great Partner – Doclix / AdSide

AdSide Care Package Throughout the years, I have worked with some really good partners. Whether it is being very responsive, super proactive or just plain easy to work with, every so often, a particular partner would stand out from the rest. Today, I wanted to give a quick shout out to one particular partner that is all of the above… and more! That partner is Doclix’s AdSide Network.

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of participating on an AdTech San Francisco / AdSpace panel with Leora Blumberg, VP of Business Development from Doclix. To make a long story short, Leora and I immediately connected and we are now partnered with AdSide (Doclix’s advertising network) to delivery their ads. Not only was it a pleasure to meet Leora this year, but I also began working with AdSide’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Yael Yekutiel. I only need to say that both of these ladies are simply fantastic people! Period.

It was definitely great to have built another good business relationship this year, but the icing on the cake actually came last week. To my surprise and delight, AdSide sent us a holiday care package. Here are the goodies from Harry and David that arrived in the mail a few days ago. There were actually some delicious mint chocolate cookies as well but they did not make it to the photo shoot. I had eaten them already.

AdSide Christmas Care Package

It’s nice enough to be able to work with great people in the advertising industry but it gave me extra warm and fuzzies this Christmas when a great business partner cared enough to send a nice gesture. So a giant thank you goes out to the AdSide team. Not just for the yummy goodies but as a partner, you guys & girls completely rock! Know that the goodies will be thoroughly enjoyed over many movies throughout the holidays. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Thank You to a Great Partner – Doclix / AdSide”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post about I noted in your post that you mention that you deliver ads for Adside, but I did not see anything about actually using Adside as an advertising vehicle. Been doing some research as we are getting ready to launch a program and are looking for effective ROI services.

    Have you or anyone you are aware of actually used Adside to advertise your products or services and if so, can you point me to some authentic reviews and / or case studies?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  2. @Alfred, my only experience with AdSide is on the publishing side. You should get in touch with them and ask for references. They are great folks and I am sure you will get some good responses. Good luck.

  3. @Todd, I am not sure what the minimum page views are for being accepted into AdSide. You should reach out to them. They are a great bunch to work with.

  4. Stay away from!
    You won’t get your money!
    We want to share our bad experience dealing with
    Our partnership with this company as publishers lasted for more than a year. During this time we have been able evaluate the quality of the traffic as well as their attitude toward their partners.
    Not only was the quality of the traffic very poor, which other publishers complained as well, but we also couldn’t get the payment from them for more than 4 months!!!
    AdSide owns us more than $2,000, and there is no way to get this money from them.
    The company’s corporate controller, as well as its vice-president don’t answer the phone, disregard emails and requests for payment.

    We want warn everyone who is still thinking about going with this company: STAY AWAY from them!

  5. I’ve received many checks from Doclix/AdSide. One time I noticed the checks weren’t coming for a couple months. I contacted them and they identified the problem and issued the payments. I have begun using them again because of an AdSense issue and the earnings are honestly better than practically every other alternative I have tried.


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