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Wordpress W Logo Recently, something very odd has happened to Wordpress that powers this blog. Front facing pages load fast but the back end Wordpress admin pages are extremely slow to load. So slow that at times, when I save a draft, the new content would not even take. Nothing times out but many admin pages are just extremely slow to load. It turned out to be one of the plugins. Luckily I don’t have many plugins on this blog and just systematically deactivated each. The culprit was an older Google Sitemap plugin. Simply made a quick update to a new one and admin sluggishness was gone! Can’t believe how fast Wordpress can be when it’s working right. If you are also experiencing Wordpress admin pages loading slowly, try deactivating your plugins.

Ian Lee
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12 thoughts on “Fixed – Wordpress Admin Pages Slow”

  1. yes, some plugins are can conflicted one to another as well, but deactivated all or some of them will fixed the problem, that’s why I always keep my plugins to the latest version

  2. i useing wordpress 2.9.2 and i try 3.0 too but i saw 3.0 veryfast but most famous plugin not work seccesful so i back old again i can tel u must use my version coz it working very good and u musnt use any plugin for make iti fast as “superchace” something more like this coz i saw it made it slow down more.if u want it be fast check ur content that u put how about picture size video size or any else and check ur plugin that u use is it realy that you need? if u didnt need very much delete it all have a great days by

  3. I found this page while searching for “WordPress Admin Slow”. I have a ton of plugins and was trying to find a quick answer without doing the one-by-one deactivations. Turns out I must have had the same Google sitemap plugin as you, because turning it off took me from over a minute loading my “Posts” page to about 7 secs. Still not impressive, but a whole lot better.


  4. Hi,

    thanks for the hint!
    I won’t believe that a plugin causes this issue, but you’re right. In my case it was the Plugin “WP-Stats-Dashboard”. If it is activated it takes me about 20 sec to load another admin-page, if it is deactivated just about 3 sec.

    Greetings from Germany

  5. thanks ian. i was dealing with the crawl for over a month until i had some time to work on it. i ended up deactivating and deleting the google xml plugin but the files were still showing up in the ftp root folder so i deleted those too. instant fix. site is 100%.

  6. Hi,

    I have put off the Google Sitemap plugin but Wordpress is stil loading very slow in the backend Pages section. Got over 5500 pages there .. i guess WP is loading them all instead of splitting it in 30 pages each time you click on next…

    Dunno how to fix this

  7. Rix, you can try and disable your other plugins one at a time to see if indeed it is a plugin that is causing your Wordpress slowness. It’s the only way to tell for sure.

  8. It is annoying when there is conflicting plugins that sometimes are unresolved when you just deactivate one of the them. This means you will eventually have to remove and reinstall the one you prefer.


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