Top Tip for Attending Conferences

Ian Lee speaking at AdSpace AdTech SF 2009 In addition to sharing and learning, one of the best things about attending conferences, for me, is making great connections. I attended AdSpace last week and was glad to have met a bunch of great people including my fellow panelists from the day-ending keynote “The MasterClass for AdSense Rock Stars“:

To the right is a photo of me standing beside our session stand.

It was also fantastic to finally meet, in-person, a few of the Google team members that we have worked with. A shout out to Sunil Subhedar, Arlene Lee and Cherie Yu. Thanks for inviting me to be on a keynote panel and for putting on a great show! See everyone at a future event!

Conferences are much more than just presentations and seminars. It’s also about connecting with like-minded individuals and learning from them. So the next time you attend a conference, prepare ahead of time and come up with some goals before booking the show. Be sure that one of those goals is to connect with others who are as passionate about your interests as you are. By following this one tip, you could literally turn a good conference into a great one!

Ian Lee
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5 thoughts on “Top Tip for Attending Conferences”

  1. You hit the nail on the head.

    You should be prepared to make some great connections, have some great laughs and forge some new affiliations at conferences and seminars.

    I look quite forward to meeting some new faces at Affiliate Summit. Plus there will be affiliates of AWeber’s that I have been speaking to for some time, but have not met face-to-face.

    Who knows, perhaps I’ll even meet you, Ian. 🙂

  2. I usually attend conferences more because of the connections you make than for the panels. While it’s great to get new insight into upcoming trends or new techniques, it is far better to meet with the people developing them!

  3. Great thoughts. Getting to make contacts and network with similar professionals is what conferences and trade shows are all about. I would definitely agree that preparation is key, that way you will be sure not to forget or overlook anything.


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