[FIXED] iTunes Home Sharing Losing Connection

iTunes Home Sharing Losing Connection Apple’s Home Sharing is a pretty powerful setup to share media on your home network; when it works that is. Unfortunately though, sometimes clients like an Apple TV would just lose connection and then complains that Home Sharing is not turned on. Sure enough, when you check iTunes, Home Sharing is not enabled. Here is a method that worked for me to keep Home Sharing on iTunes always enabled. This is meant for Windows 7 users.

1. Go to the Windows/Start Menu, type “Windows Firewall With Advanced Security” into the search box. Launch this application.

2. On the left menu bar, click on “Inbound Rules”. In the center area, look for all “Bonjour Services”. Then find Advanced >> Profiles. Make sure all 3 checkboxes (Domain, Private and Public) are checked off. Make sure Private is checked in both windows. Click apply. Note, if you don’t run Domain or you don’t know what Domain is, then make sure BOTH Public and Private are checked.

Hopefully, this will help you maintain a stable Home Sharing connection to iTunes. It did for me thank goodness.

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3 thoughts on “[FIXED] iTunes Home Sharing Losing Connection”

  1. Didn’t work for me.

    Today I’ve update my AppleTV2 software and installed new iTunes ( on PC. Now my connection drops every 10 minutes, maybe less.
    Its impossible to watch a single movie.
    Tried to setup Bonjour and make this free on firewall, but did not work


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