Decrease Cost by Offering Training Videos – Use Camtasia Studio Screen Recording Software To Do It for Free

Free Camtasia Studio If you are not providing your customers with on-screen video support you could be wasting money by paying someone to answer unnecessary emails and phone calls.

Videos can make your FAQ come alive. Often times, it is much easier to show someone how to do something rather than try to explain it through email or by phone. In addition, when you provide training videos on your website, they work for you 24/7 so take advantage of this on-going support for your customers.

Save money by decreasing the amount of time needed to reply to common questions. When you do see a particular question come in frequently, create a training video and make it available on your FAQ. This will decrease future questions about this particular issue as some of your customers will have already found your training video and gotten their answer. You will also be able to direct future questions to the training video thus helping to decrease the amount of time spent replying to the customer. It’s truly a win-win situation when you have an online training video system supporting your customers. The best part is… you can now do it all for free with Techsmith’s Camtasia Studio.

Have you ever wondered how the pros make cool training videos by showing users exactly what they are doing on their computer screen? Many users rely on a simple piece of software called Camtasia Studio. Camtasia allows for easy recording, editing and sharing of computer screen videos. You do not have to be professionally trained in video editing or post processing to put out your own training videos. Camtasia makes the process easy. Even better yet, Techsmith is now giving away Camtasia Studio for free.

This free offer does have a time limit so be sure to download your copy of Camtasia Studio 3. Then go and ask Techsmith for a registration key. They will email you one. During the install process, choose “I have a registration key” and copy and paste the code that Techsmith sent you.

I installed the demo version and activated it to a full copy with the registration key provided by Techsmith so I know first hand, it works. You should get your free copy of Camtasia Studio now before the offer expires.

Once installed, you will easily be able to capture a window, the entire screen or just a portion of your computer screen. Here is 5 second example clip of a portion of the Photoshop screen that I turned into an MOV and uploaded to YouTube for broadcasting. This will save bandwidth as YouTube is now serving the actual video.

Note: There seems to be quite a few users experiencing an error for “A suitable compressor cannot be found”. Download Techsmith’s TSCC Codec and install it. This should fix the problem.

Thanks to Citizen Journalist for the heads up on the free Camtasia offer.

Ian Lee
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  1. Thanks for the info and link Camtasia staff.

    There you have it everyone, direct from Techsmith, just follow the above instructions and get the special upgrade price for Camtasia Studio version 5. Go get version 3 for free and then take advantage of the upgrade offer and begin cutting your support costs.

  2. Great Article and right on. Camtasia studio has saved me a ton of time on training and support for my group. Because we are a visual society it eliminates some of the time in customer service effectively

    Great Info

    Megan Vaillancourt

  3. this is great news, i heard some where about this article and i was searching it since long. i am happy to get it here, thanks for sharing

  4. this is true FAQs can really be boring to read. at least when u watch it, its more entertaining to the viewers assuming you have a good speaker.

  5. Hi Ian,

    I have a blog and i have made some home tutorial videos with camtasia about creating a blog in blogger and how to paste the adsense code on it.

    I`ve put it on youtube, and after a few months i`ve got a 3000 views. The videos are in portuguese, and i bet if it was in english i`ll have 10 times more views.

    Congrats to you and sucess to your blog,



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