Have You Seen This Conference Girl Extraordinaire?

Since attending my first conference, I have always been surprised that companies hired booth helpers to promote their products and services at various events. It never dawned on me that when I was speaking with a booth attendant, they would only be armed with minimal information about the company that I was interested in. I can only liken this type of hired help to the auto sport world where race queens are the preferred choice of help during race weekends. As I was browsing event reviews of the most recent BlogWorld held in Vegas, one particular photo caught my eye. I recognized a booth attendant working at the Entrecard booth.

Note the booth attendant on the left side of the photo here with John Chow and Graham Langdon, Entrecard CEO.

Conference Model with John Chow and Graham Langdon

Below is a photo of me at Affiliate Summit West 2007 in Vegas (Digital River oneNetwork Pure Imagination Party). Note the same model from above is also on the left hand side of the photo!

Conference models at Digital River's oneNetwork Pure Imagination Party in Las Vegas

Here is the same hired helper appearing in a video of Shoemoney interviewing Graham Langdon at BlogWorld.Video Source: Nate Whitehill

Do you recognize this model? Have you seen her at other trade shows in and outside of Vegas? Do you have photos of her as well? Post a comment with a link or send me an email and I will post it here with a link back to your blog or website.

Better yet, are you the model in the photo? We would love to hear from you as well!

Photo sent in by Shoemoney. Apparently Jeremy has her resume on file. If you are interested to hire this model, give him a shout.
Conference Girl with Shoemoney (Jeremy Shoemaker)

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  1. Hey! here goes a hug from Lanzarote island. Grate blog,and a big kiss for the model Jeremy. Here in canary islands we are for you guys.

  2. Hey Great cool Model i ncer seen her at other trade shows in and outside of Vegas yap i have some photos of her


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