Increase Your Visibility This Holiday Season – Times Square Anyone?

Cheap Times Square Ad on Reuters Sign Have you secured your holiday season marketing and PR campaigns yet? Will it include getting your product or service into New York City’s always busy Time Square? If not, then you are not reaching the approximately 1.5 million tourists flocking to the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center, the windows at Macy’s and Radio City Music Hall. Now you too can take advantage of this special offer… for the right price, of course!

To promote your products on the Reuters Sign in Times Square on four of the biggest shopping days of the year:

  • November 23rd
  • December 15th
  • December 23rd
  • December 24th

It will only cost you:

  • $1,750 (4 showings)
  • $5,750 (20 showings throughout the holiday season including display on the four designated days)

You also get these as part of the ad cost:

  • Images will be displayed in Times Square at least once for 15 seconds on each of the four designated days.
  • Receive a time-stamped snapshot each time your photo is displayed, and in addition, you will also receive one high-resolution image of your photo displayed in Times Square.

The 20 showing option is a steal at $287.50 per impression (or $19 / sec) compared to $437.50 per impression (or $29 / sec) for the lower package.

I wonder how effective this type of advertising really is. Brand marketing would make sense here but if you want to drive call-to-action, it’s highly doubtful someone will remember your website while if flashes across 3 video screens on a busy street corner. But it sure would be cool to have your ad served here wouldn’t it? Check out this Dell ad spread across 3 screens over 20 stories high.

Reuters Screen Showing Dell Advertising in Times Square, New York
Photo Source: Flickr member xsquare2

The above pricing is actually a special offer through PR Newswire. Retail pricing could be much higher! If you are interested to showcase your offer on the Reuters sign in Times Square, send me a note here and I will put you in touch with my PR Newswire rep.

Ian Lee
Work from home dad, marketer and photographer. Fallen in love with basketball all over again as I coach my daughter's team.

7 thoughts on “Increase Your Visibility This Holiday Season – Times Square Anyone?”

  1. this is briliant, but how to reach these people is the true question? I believe right now is the best time to secure your PR as the update is soon.

  2. I always wanted to know how much those ads cost. It sounds like a great idea but you don’t know how effective this marketing campaign will be.

  3. Dear Sirs,

    Increase the business in Times Square??

    My experience said to me, I must to advertise where I know the origin people comes, never sail something on the destiny, maybe a Theater, cinema, etc…

    Example, a Car Hire in Portugal Algarve, must to advertise in U.K. why?

    People when arrives they already comes with pre-booking car(voucher), like this company works, and another good ones.

    I hope to advertise in Times Square, after guarantee the American Tourist cames to my country.

    Many Thanks


  4. I think its much expensive. I cant belive it, rally $29 / sec? Why i work so hard, i should make it too πŸ™‚


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