CtU Delivery Technology Makes Data Center Extraordinaire

CtU Delivery Technology - Global Internet Access Have you ever wondered what makes the ultimate data center? From a business perspective, the main objective for choosing the right data center is to minimize downtime of its servers. The decision to choose a data center is a critical step and deserves much more consideration than just finding the lowest cost option. As technology advances, online marketers have been patiently waiting for an important feature previously only available at an enterprise level to filter down to the small businesses. It was only a matter of time but the ultimate data center is finally here!

As the demand to publish media (images, audio and video) on the internet increases, content delivery networks used to deliver these larger media files have been increasing in popularity. In short, a typical content delivery network utilizes a network of multiple servers located in different parts of the country (or the world) and would deliver rich media such as video and audio to the end user from a the nearest server. This setup will allow the end user to receive the rich media quicker than if it was served from one single host server.

This type of service has been available for some time but access to it was mainly limited to enterprise level customers. As more and more companies begin to offer content delivery network services, look for cost to decrease and access to become more available to the average business.

For instance, Softlayer, a popular data center with locations in Dallas, Seattle, and Washington D.C. is now offering CDNLayer, its own content delivery network. Rather than serving content directly from the host server to the end-user, CDNLayer moves content from the host server to a node that is geographically closer to the end-user.

As this type of “Closest-to-User” (what I call CtU) delivery technology evolves and becomes ubiquitous, I foresee web hosts adapting this technology for all customers and accounts. Website owners, whether running a dedicated server or a shared hosting account, won’t need to completely understand the technical setup or configure the backend workings of this type of a setup, but rather, should just be able to create and upload good content and let the web host’s CtU delivery technology deliver a speedy and enhanced user experience anywhere and everywhere.

The ultimate data center is already here. Who will take the initiative and offer CtU delivery technology for the average business and become the ultimate web host?

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  1. You sure there isn’t a Softlayer data center in New York? 🙂 It’s coming soon right? Just updated NY to Washington DC, thanks.


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