The Cloud is Broken – Google Has the Hiccups

Google Cloud Computing Has anyone else experienced problems logging into Google services lately? Periodically, we have not been able to to access gmail, Google Sites, Google Apps for Business, AdSense, Google Calendar or even All of which are great tools but lately when we try to access them, things just time out and other times, it is just painfully slow. Anyone else feeling the pain of cloud computing?

Ian Lee
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7 thoughts on “The Cloud is Broken – Google Has the Hiccups”

  1. Yes, Gmail has been brutal but from what i can tell it’s a western Canada thing, friends in the US have confirmed everything there is fine. But i remember before techcruch was complaining about outages and i was fine here. So it looks like it’s rolling hickups

  2. Well, I just faced problem with Gmail for some time otherwise all other things worked great for me. I think this is the first time in my life i have seen Google getting such problem.

  3. Seems like folks are catching on to Google’s algorithm too in that seo’ers are using techniques that work – like the old days. Google is also laying off people. Hmmm…


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