Lesson from an AdSense Rock Star to Boost Revenues

Last week, I spoke at AdSpace San Francisco about how we generate traffic at HealthCastle.com and about how that traffic is effectively monetized. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing our successes and learning from others on the AdSense Rock Stars panel. So what was the take home message from my presentation?

Lesson from an AdSense Rock Star to Boost Revenues

Essentially, every website is unique and has its own dynamic. You must do your own experimenting and testing to maximize revenues. Below are two real world test cases from my presentation that surprised many attendees. Through our own testing, we found what has worked for others, did not work for us.

1. 120×600 Text Ads Performed 15% Better Than 160×600 Text Ads

A/B test - 120x600 performs better than 160x600

2. Text Ads Performed As Well As Image + Text Ads

A/B test - text ads performs just as well as image and text ads

So be ready to test, test and test again! Every website is unique and it’s an on-going process trying to increase eCPM and overall revenue.

Ian Lee
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9 thoughts on “Lesson from an AdSense Rock Star to Boost Revenues”

  1. Interesting…I use alot of 160×600 and find they convert really well, but may just try the 120×600 to see if I can see any difference

    Thanks for the tips !

  2. Hey Sam, don’t forget to setup 2 channels so you can use A/B testing to track results in real-time. Good luck.

  3. I think 120*160 adsses are useful.Because readers of websites are sometimes have trouble to see advertisements.This types of ads can be seen by readers and can be more useful for also the “advertisement givers”. Thanks for this knowledge.

  4. I’ve changed all my ads to 120*600 and over the month of december. Even though it’s hard to isolate the factors completely, when comparing to similar sites/traffic I’ve seen about a 3% increase in adsense revenue so …. thanks! bp


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