The Best iPhone Accessory – EVER!

Best iPhone Accessory

To be honest, I have seen this iPhone accessory at a few retailers in the past and was always intrigued by it; but never intrigued enough to make the purchase. As luck would have it, I happen to be on Facebook when Fido, my mobile provider, posted a giveaway. All I had to do was fill in a form. Being one of the users who completed the form in time, I was informed that my gift will be arriving in a few short weeks.

So here it is, the best iPhone accessory is now in my possession.

Finally, I can now talk on my phone in public without having to hold it! What do you think? Should I use this at my next coffee shop meeting?

Ian Lee

Ian Lee

Work from home dad, marketer and photographer. Fallen in love with basketball all over again as I coach my daughter's team.

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