Team Canada Medals at Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

It has been an exciting 2 weeks during the 2014 Sochi Olympic games. Team Canada performed extremely well in the medal standings. With 10 Gold, 10 Silver and 5 Bronze medals, I think a new hashtag #10-10-5 is in order!

Team Canada Medals at Sochi 2014

Many veterans earned a medal and even some new comers did so as well. Here is an infographic to summarize Team Canada’s medal results. Scroll down for a list of individual medalists. Well done Canada for bringing it home.


Team Canada Sochi 2014 Medals

Alpine Skiing

  • Jan HUDEC – Bronze


  • Kaillie HUMPHRIES and Heather MOYSE – Gold


  • Brad JACOBS, Ryan FRY, E.J. HARNDEN, Ryan HARNDEN and Caleb FLAXEY – Gold
  • Dawn MCEWEN, Jennifer JONES, Kaitlyn LAWES, Jill OFFICER and Kirsten WALL – Gold

Figure Skating (Ice Dance)

  • Tessa VIRTUE and Scott MOIR – Silver

Figure Skating (Men)

  • Patrick CHAN – Silver

Figure Skating (Team)

  • Kaetlyn OSMOND, Patrick CHAN, Kevin REYNOLDS, Meagan DUHAMEL, Eric RADFORD, Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS, Dylan MOSCOVITCH, Tessa VIRTUE and Scott MOIR – Silver

Freestyle Skiing (Ladies’ Ski Cross)

  • Marielle THOMPSON – Gold
  • Kelsey SERWA – Silver

Freestyle Skiing (Men’s Ski Halfpipe)

  • Mike RIDDLE – Silver

Freestyle Skiing (Ladies’ Ski Slopestyle)

  • Dara HOWELL – Gold
  • Kim LAMARRE – Bronze

Freestyle Skiing (Men’s Moguls)

  • Alex BILODEAU – Gold
  • Mikael KINGSBURY – Silver

Freestyle Skiing (Ladies’ Moguls)

  • Justine DUFOUR-LAPOINTE – Gold
  • Chloe DUFOUR-LAPOINTE – Silver

Ice Hockey (Men) – Gold

Icer Hockey (Women) – Gold

Short Track (Men’s 500 m)

  • Charle COURNOYER – Bronze

Short Track (Ladies’ 3000 m Relay)

  • Marie-Eve DROLET, Valerie MALTAIS, Marianne ST-GELAIS and Jessica HEWITT – Silver

Short Track (Men’s 1500 m)

  • Charles HAMELIN – Gold

Snowboard (Ladies’ Snowboard Cross)

  • Dominique MALTAIS – Silver

Snowboard (Men’s Slopestyle)

  • Mark MCMORRIS – Bronze

Speed Skating (Men’s 1500 m)

  • Denny MORRISON – Bronze

Speed Skating (Men’s 1000 m)

  • Denny MORRISON – Silver

Results were compiled from the official Sochi 2014 website.

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