Scratchback TopSpot Widget Is Live

Are you looking to earn a little more revenue from your blog? A cool and innovative way for you to do just that is here. A friend of mine, Jim Kukral, just launched Scratchback where bloggers can add a TopSpot widget on their website.

Scratchback is basically an online tipping jar where fans of your blog can make a donation and in return, get something to show for it. For their donation, tippers get some good karma sent back their way in the form of an out going link. As a publisher, you not only decide how long the link will stay on your site, you also determine the minimum amount (as low as $1 like for this blog) for someone to donate and get an ad link. All links are Google friendly as they are JavaScript based so there should be no issues with the sales of links for Google juice here.

I asked Jim 3 questions about Scratchback and here his video reply.

1. What exactly is Scratchback?
2. Why should I use Scratchback?
3. How does Scratchback make money since you are giving it away for free?

Shawn Collins has blogged about affiliates using TopSpot as an ad buying tool and Mark Wielgus put up an initial video review here.

I am still trying to fit the TopSpot widget into my left menu bar (it’s a little too wide). In the meantime, you will find my personalized Scratchback TopSpot widget on the right menu bar of this blog. How do you like it?

If you enjoy reading my blog, tip me $1 and get some good karma today!

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