Google Page Rank Checker – Many Websites Reporting a Drop in PR – PR9 to PR5

Google Page Rank Roller Coster Ride Recently, Google began cracking down on websites that were selling text link ads. Reports are popping up all over the Internet indicating that many websites and blogs saw a significant drop in Google Page Rank. Now there is a cool tool to help you see where your Google Page Rank is heading.

Going from a PR9 to PR5

The biggest drop I have witnessed in the most recent Google update is probably Last month, this site was at PR9. As of right now, it is at PR5. Who knows if there is a correlation here but I do see some text Sponsored Links at the bottom of the home page.

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Computer.Org Sponsored Links

Problogger reported a drop from PR 6 to PR 4 but as of today, it’s actually fluctuating between PR6 & PR7 (at least based on my Google Toolbar).

Brian Clark’s Copyblogger was reported to have been demoted to a PR4 but again, during the writing of this post, it is now at PR 7.

Andy Beard documented some Page Rank changes and here is Daniel Scocco’s list.

In light of all the Page Rank changes, here is a cool tool for those who want to know where their PR is heading. Just enter your domain below and click Check Domain to see your Page Ranks at various Google datacenters.

Is your Page Rank up, down or did it stay the same?

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22 thoughts on “Google Page Rank Checker – Many Websites Reporting a Drop in PR – PR9 to PR5”

  1. A simple definition of google page rank for beginner: google page rank refers to Google’s analysis of the significance of the particular page.

  2. My website went up… I would’nt be very happy if I had spent $1000’s on the paid link campaign I almost signed

  3. No need to freek!
    The loss of page rank affects most of us.

    You need to remember that some low ranking pages are listed high in the SERPs and some high ranking pages listed low.

    The important thing is how has this affected your traffic from the search engines. If your traffic has not dropped off, i really do not think there is any reason to panic

  4. This is mainly due to Google’s announcement and action against paid links. Many websites were dragged into this implications.

  5. Gawd, mine had gone to N/A too, I hate the fact that they have to reduce our PR’s just because we monetize our blogs. What’s the catch anyway? They do the same thing, too I guess on their ‘other’ websites perhaps. Damnn, it makes me go all crazy. –,

  6. The tool reports a lot of IPs as “datacenter down” when I check. Not sure why but on one site, it reported an anomaly of PR7 where most were PR2 only!

    I use another tool at SEO chat, the future pagerank checker, that can check 35 datacenters

    Using these checkers are really only useful during the course of a PR update. At most times, a PR check doesn’t show anything.


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