Google is the New Bookmark

Google is the new bookmark If you are like millions of internet users out there, then you will agree that your web browser’s bookmark is probably less useful than it had been in the past. In reality, we bookmark more than we can ever use and more often than not, we never go back to old bookmarked pages. So what is the solution? Google has the answer.

A bookmark is meant to help us easily find web pages that we use often or have previously visited. Google does have a bookmark service but what’s even more amazing and popular is the ubiquitous nature of Google Search. You see, more users are beginning to use Google Search as their online bookmarks. Because search results are getting better and more relevant, a detailed search normally returns the web page of interest.

From time to time, do you find yourself typing in a product name or a website into Google and then clicking through Google search results to get to your destination? Admit it. You are sometimes doing that; and, probably will do so more and more in the future!

Ian Lee
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5 thoughts on “Google is the New Bookmark”

  1. Yes within the past few years Goole’s search result have become much better. Bookmarking them though….why not? It will save time.

  2. I am presently not using any kind of bookmarks. I don’t know, but i really don’t like to bookmark anything though it is really useful way to remember sites of interest.

  3. Yes, Google is spending billions getting their searches to be more relevant. I don’t use bookmarks, I know how Google works and 95% of the time I can do a Google search or a couple of Google searches and find what I need. The key is to search for key words or phrases that will occur and only occur on the website that you are looking for or in that website’s domain name.


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