Cannot Login to AdSense Using IE6

Google must be testing some login technology for their AdSense program. For the last few days, I have had intermitent problems logging in to AdSense. Using IE6, I see a red flashing “Loading” sign where the login form is supposed to be.

Here is a screen capture of what the error looks like on the normal AdSense login page.

Cannot Login to AdSense Normal

Looks like Google is looking to launch a new AdSense home page as well. Here is the same screen capture of the error on the new AdSense login page. 

Cannot login to AdSense New

This loading error is only seen in IE6. Login works fine in FireFox and IE7. An intermitent login problem coupled with the AdSense login page bouncing from normal to new and back, I am guessing that Google is still trying to get all the bugs figured out. Anyone else seeing the flashing “Loading” sign?

Ian Lee
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4 thoughts on “Cannot Login to AdSense Using IE6”

  1. Don’t know why you had trouble with IE6, but that flashing “Loading…” text is part of all Google Account login pages. Whether or not you see it depends on how fast the login server responds and redirects you to where you were logging in.

  2. @Dan: The flashing “Loading” sign flashes repeatedly even before the login form is loaded on the page. Looks like something is not taking and IE6 is sent into a continuous reload loop. Although login proceeds smoothly once browser cache is cleared inside IE6, the flashing sign will return upon the next login session. Not sure why this is happening on one IE6 machine only and does not occur on another IE6 box. In any case, this issue only started after the launch of the new AdSense login page – never happened before with the old one.


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