What is Push Email?

What exactly is push email? Push email is a method of pushing content (email in this case) over the internet to your targeted audience. Another word for push email used to be ‘Webcasting’ which literally means broadcasting over the Web. Webcasting is, more specifically, narrowcasting your message over a channel to a highly targeted audience.

Why would push email be of interest to an internet marketer? Because it can be highly personalized and targeted. Viewers specify what topics, types of content, categories, and even web sites they are interested in. They are willing to give marketers a certain amount of information so that they only receive messages that would be of interest to them. Can you imagine your inbox at home being filled with “junk mail” for things that you actually might want to know more information about? Push email is a powerful method in delivering targeted information to users who want to read them.

With the onset of SPAM ending up in our Inboxes, companies have developed ways to run push emails to a user’s desktop in the hopes of by-passing spam filters and to avoid the problem of an email being ‘lost’ among the hundreds of SPAM messages within an Inbox.

How to automate Push Emails

I have always been a big believer in letting the software do the work for you. Whatever I can do to automate things is first on my list. Don’t have your day taken up by daily chores — let the software do it for you!

Now, I say this not because I am lazy (well, maybe just a little), but because the key issue here is that you want to spend your time doing more important things such as developing marketing strategies, promoting your content and testing ads, etc. (ie. things that grow your business and generates revenue)!

In a perfect world, I would want a system to automate my push email campaigns. Whether it be automatically replying to request for information, subscribing and unsubscribing users to my newsletter or automatically unsubscribing bounce backs, this is the part of the business I would want to automate. Now, I can (and so can you)!

Imagine having a system in place where your users can subscribe and unsubscribe from your newsletter at anytime … without needing you to manually adding or deleting them. How much time and frustration would this save you?

With such a powerful push email system in place, you will be able to automatically send users a particular information piece or a specific follow-up sales letter… without needing to open your email program.

For a more detailed look on how you can effectively build your email list for secondary marketing, check out Increase your newsletter signups.

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