Virtual Tradeshow eComXpo – End of Day 2

Here is a quick summary for the 2nd day of eComXpo.

1. “Beyond Search and Contextual – Into the World of Behavorial Targeting”
Moderatd by Natascha Lee, this panel included Omar Tawakol, Eric Eller and Matt Kain. Here was what I took away from this presentation.

    Behavioral Targeting is serving an ad based on web properties (websites) where users have previously visited
    Behavioral Targeting can increase efficiency of ad serving (if you have the ability to only serve ads to users who are in the middle of a buying process ie. users who visited loan calculators, configuring a car etc…)
    Behavorial Targeting can increase Brand awareness (users continually see your ad if they are surfing within your network ie. websites that are part of your predefined advertising network)

An example: If someone visited an automobile website more than 10 times then that might be a trigger to initiate Behavorial Targeting. Once initiated, the user is tracked as they visit various websites and they are served the original ad when appropriate. This type of behavorial targeting ultimately takes the user back to the orignal website except this time, a better offer is presented to them. Through repetitive ad shows and a better offer, the user is now more likely to turn into a customer.

In summary, Behavorial Targeting allow publishers to charge higher CPM dollar values and at the same time provide advertisers the ability to dollar cost and pay lower CPMs for any given campaign. End result is that clickthrough rate, conversion rate and average order size all gain lifts through behavorial targeted campaigns as comapred to non-behavorial targeted campaigns.

Very interested info indeed.

2. “Yahoo! Search Marketing: New Advertiser Platform Review”
An interesting presentation by John Kim. In a nutshell, here are some neat things that I took away.

Yahoo! Search Markeing now offers geotargeting.

Select Keywrod Tool
A cool new tool allowing you to enter a URL to help the system come up with related keywords based on your content.

Select Bid Tool
By using this new bidding slider bar tool, you can now graphically see what portion of the total keyword-related market is potentially reached by a specific bid.

Time to log in to Yahoo! Search Marketing and test out these cool, new tools!

3. “Search Optimization: What’s Next?”
Moderated by Sara Holoubek, panelists David Berkowitz, Jed Nahum and Tim Kauffold discussed SEO and beyond.

What I found interesting:

    Mobile search is growing
    Video hyperlinking – while watching online videos, a mouse over can trigger offers if items in the video are on sale (ie. clothing)
    Clickable Video for TV ads – a mouse over can trigger items such as travel packages, products and even services to popup for sale. Basically, programming material can be incorporated with a sales opportunity.
    PodCasting – can be used as a method to supplement SEO practices.

Wow, another full day at eComXpo. Let’s see what Day 3 will bring.

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