Use Google Website Optimizer to Turn More Visitors Into Customers

Use Google Website Optimizer to Turn More Visitors into Customers Last October, I encouraged readers to sign up and wait for acceptance into the Beta Google Website Optimizer program. The wait is over. Google just announced that they are opening up this service to the public!

For those of you who have never heard of Google Website Optimizer, it’s a tool to help website owners test landing page effectiveness. The days of online marketers wondering which design works best at converting visitors into customers are over. Simply run an A/B or multivariate test and know exactly which design element and offer work best for your traffic type.

Not only can Google Website Optimizer be integrated with your Adwords account, it will also work with organic (non-paid) traffic as well. In fact, coupled with Google Analytics, these two power-house tools can be partnered up to dissolve any and all excuses of not being able to measure landing page effectiveness. What are you doing to turn more visitors into customers?

Ian Lee
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4 thoughts on “Use Google Website Optimizer to Turn More Visitors Into Customers”

  1. I’d agree this provides a great one, two punch. For those that need just a bit more we have put together 7 free resources to get you started including a wordpress plugin for the optimizer, webinar, and interview with Tom Leung from Google.

  2. Thanks for the link Bryan. I will definitely have to check out the resources on that page. Looks pretty good.

  3. I’m pleased I’m not the only one excited about Google Website Optimizer. This kind of testing used to be accessible only to the big internet companies with massive budgets. Now everyone can start testing for free!

    I’ve created a free guide called ‘101 Tips for Google Website Optimizer’ at…

    I hope you find it useful.


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