Top 50 Canadian Marketing Blogs

Top 50 Canadian Marketing Blogs Since AdAge launched its daily ranking of marketing blogs, there have been over 1,000 marketing blogs added to it. In the spirit of Scott Weisbrod listing the Top 30 Canadian Marketing blogs based on the AdAge rankings, here is a quick update of the current Top 50 Canadian marketing blogs for 2010. I am definitely honoured to be part of such a distinguished list and a big congrats to my fellow bloggers! Don’t forget to grab your badge at the bottom of this post if you are on this list. And for those who want to re-publish the list, raw HTML codes are also below. Scroll down, copy and paste.

Top 50 Canadian Marketing Blogs for February 2010

    • 1.

John Chow dot Com

    • 2.

Dosh Dosh

    • 3.

Danny Brown

    • 4.


    • 5.

Dave Fleet

    • 6.

Get Elastic

    • 7.

Web Analytics World

    • 8.


    • 9.

The Michel Fortin Blog

    • 10.


    • 11.

Twist Image

    • 12.


    • 13.

David Leonhardt’s SEO Marketing Express

    • 14.

Pro PR

    • 15.


    • 16.


    • 17.

    • 18.

The Praized Blog

    • 19.


    • 20.

Ian Lee –

    • 21.

Buzz Canuck

    • 22. Blogging Me Blogging You
    • 23.

Canadian Marketing Blog

    • 24.

Leo Burnett Toronto

    • 25. ASK Enquiro
    • 26.

Search Engine People Blog

    • 27.


    • 28.

Blog Campaigning

    • 29.

    • 30.


    • 31.

One Degree

    • 32.

MediaBadger Monitor, Measure, Manage

    • 33. PPC Advice
    • 34.

Experience Planner

    • 35.


    • 36. Radical Trust
    • 37. Behind the Buzz
    • 38. The Daily Grind
    • 39.

Burning the bacon with Barrett

    • 40.

    • 41.

The New PR

    • 42.

    • 43.

My Name is Kate

    • 44.

Saul Colt

    • 45.

The Client Side Blog

    • 46. PR Works
    • 47.

The inmedia blog

    • 48.

social media group

    • 49.

The Advert Fan

    • 50.


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Top 50 Canadian Marketing Blogs

Ian Lee
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102 thoughts on “Top 50 Canadian Marketing Blogs”

  1. Ian,

    Thanks for dropping by the site. Also a big thanks for digging through the power 150 list to pull this list together, I’m happy to be included in such good company.


  2. Hey I was a big fan of DoshDosh and its good to see it at No.2 but the problem is the blog posting frequency has gone way too low and there are big gaps. Was the criteria only hits received?

  3. Kudos for both being part of the list, and for taking time to collate the Canadian ones from the AdAge main list.

    Some new names I wasn’t aware if here, time to go adding subscriptions 🙂

    Cheers again,


  4. Seems that there is quite a lot of cool bloggers in Canada, and I’m follower for some of the listed blog. Between, is there any Top list for Malaysian blogger? 😉


  5. @Chanda, Todd Andrlik was the creator of the original AdAge list and he used a few measurements to come up with the rankings. Have a look here:

    @Danny Thank you for stopping by and for the nice note! Congrats to you as well. Yes, this is indeed a good list to find new subscriptions. Enjoy.

    @Lee Ka Hoong You should check through the original list and look for the Malaysian flag.

  6. @Chanda, as I understand it, Todd published the list back in 2007 with 150 blogs. Now there are over 1000 included and the rankings are updated automatically based on real-time scores. Is this an issue?

  7. I cannot thank you enough for this comprehensive list of Canadian blogs! Being a student of marketing I try to grab as much knowledge on the subject as I can from any and every source possible. Now off to reading those 50 blogs. Thanks again 🙂

  8. Congrats on getting on the 2010 list! I will definitely check out the other blogs as well. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks Ian for this great list. You were #1 on Google when I typed marketing blogs (we are in Montreal, Canada). All the best,

  10. Thank you for this great list. What a resource!! I know we’re a bit later now (2011), but i bet it is all still relevant.

    thank you.

  11. Well, I cannot thank you enough for the list. There are so many junk blogs popping up that I am actually grateful to anybody who puts up a list of quality blogs I can read and comment on. Keep up the good work. 😉

  12. Congrats to 50 Canadian Marketer! You’ve made it on the right track!!!! Amazing!!! Hoping to be in the

  13. Thanks for the top 50 Canadian marketing blogs list. I only know few of them. Just book marked your post and visit all those site later.

  14. This is really a good one…I cannot thank you enough for the list. There are so many junk blogs popping up that I am actually grateful to anybody who puts up a list of quality blogs I can read and comment on. Keep up the good work.

  15. Thanks again for bringing attention to the Canadian marketing. I also found your posts very interesting. Thank you!…


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