[SOLVED] Cisco Linksys E4200 Slow Upload Speed

Linksys E4200 Upload Speeds For those who have waited patiently for the Cisco Linksys E4200 Gigabit, Wireless-N, Dual-Band router to arrive in Canadian retail stores, your wait is over. Cisco officially launched the E4200 on March 27, 2011 in Canada. Before I publish a more detailed article about putting the unit through its paces in a real world environment, here is a quick tweak to speed up slow uploads through the E4200. Setup was easy and most settings can be left at the default level. But one particular setting at default resulted in a slow internet upload speed. The E4200 is currently the highest consumer grade wireless router made by Cisco Linksys so take advantage of the new options available in the latest Linksys firmware. Log in to the unit and under Applications & Games >> QoS ,there is a setting for “Upstream Bandwidth“. Default for this is “Auto“. Linksys has an online UI setup so you can see this setting here. When in Auto mode, I was only getting about 60% (1.6 mbps) of my maximum upload speed. Once I manually set Upstream Bandwidth to 10 mbps, I was able to reach my maximum upload speed of 2.5 mbps. If you are experiencing a slow upload speed with the Linksys E4200, try setting Upstream Bandwidth at 2-3 times your maximum upload speed and you may just speed up slow internet upload speeds.

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21 thoughts on “[SOLVED] Cisco Linksys E4200 Slow Upload Speed”

  1. I too was having an upload speed issue with the e4200. I took your advice and now have a legit 31/21 from my FiOS connection. Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    I just bought my Linksys E4200 yesterday. After initial setup, I also upgraded to latest firmware (1.0.3)
    I had very slow configuration page update at E4200 (load of a page, e.g. “applications & Games >> QoS” took around ~5 secs)

    My upload speed is 1MB, neverthless, I applied the recommendation above (set to 4MB)and the web page refresh speed got back to normal.

    Interestingly, I could not save the setting manual. It keeps reverting to “auto” for some reason.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Holy Crap! This made it work perfectly! I plugged laptop directly into the cable modem to see what my max was. 25MB down, 4MB up. When I plugged in the router and went through it, I got 10MB down, 200KB up. Upped my max to 15MB and all is well. Now, I am going to back it down until things degrade.

  4. @Dave Allen, isn’t it great when you find a tech tip that actually works? Enjoy the E4200 and all the speed that it can provide!

  5. You’re awesome, thanks, man!!! I went from 1.5MBPS upload to 4 which is what I’m paying for. I set the QoS number to 10 in order to get that.

  6. Great tip. I am on glas fiber and got 3Mbps upload. After playing around with this QoS settings i am now on 49Mbps (and this is what i pay for). Nice to see that payed helpdesk workers don’t know this (they support only this one model…).

  7. Thanks so much… can’t believe how long I’ve been dealing with this – and can’t believe this is a Linksys default. I wasn’t even getting 0.5 upload – now I get 4. Also, note that I found a suggestion on another forum to disable WMM under QOS. My download speed went from 25 – 30 up to 60 – 70mps.. ridic.

  8. Wow.

    9 years later and I still benefited from this post! My provider gives me 10 Mbps upload and I was only getting 3Mbps on the speed test. Changed the setting to Manual and 15 Mbps and now I am at full 10 Mbps on speed test.

    Interestingly, when I set the manual upload speed to 10 Mbps, I was only getting 7 Mbps.


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