Most Memorable Experience at Massive Technology Show 2007 in Vancouver

Ian Lee test driving a Segway I attended the 3rd Annual Massive Technology Show in Vancouver today and wanted to thank Lindsay Smith, CEO & founder of the event, for providing me with 2 media passes. There were over 100 exhibiting companies this year including Yahoo! Canada, HSBC, Adobe, LG and Staples Depot Business. To my surprise since this was a technology tradeshow and not the usual marketing / business conferences that I normally attend, I actually ran into many familiar faces from the online marketing industry. Nice to see even online marketers also love their technology. Here is my recap of today’s show.

Once inside the exhibit hall, I was dealt with rows & rows of exhibitors. It’s really great to see this event grow year after year and to this proportion. Vancouverites do love their technology!

There were a broad range of exhibitors – some were geared towards consumers and some focused more on businesses. I had many good conversations and some were with folks like Roland Tanglao, Chief Blogging Office at Bryght, David Hostetter from and Jared Lay from LG (thanks for the inside scoop on the next gen of LG plasma screens Jared). Rather than bore you with details from my conversations, let me just share my single most memorable experience at the show. What made it so memorable? It was something that has never happened to me at any other tradeshows. I got to drive a Segway!

Larry Runnalls from gave me a 15 second lesson and off I went. That’s a photo of me testing out a Segway at the top of the page. The first few turns felt awkward and unnatural. A few more turns after that and I was carving up the concrete. Turning and even moving backwards was very easy once you log a few turns on the thing. I especially liked driving the figure 8 at high speeds, go Ian go! The actual Segway unit that I test drove was priced at $6200 CAD. Thanks for the test drive Larry and for giving me my most memorable experience at the Massive Technology Show 2007! I think someone need to tell Santa that I have been a good boy this year.

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