Meeting List Continues to Grow for AdTech San Francisco 2008

Next week is AdTech San Francisco and I have compiled a list of people & companies that I need to meet up with. As the date of April 15 draws closer, the list seems to magically grow by itself! If it’s anything like last year’s AdTech San Francisco, my meeting list will continue to grow, especially during the days of the conference itself. I also just received official instructions on how to pick up my press pass at the event so I will be able to attend some speaker sessions and report back with any interesting findings.

For first time attendees of AdTech, be sure to bring lots of business cards and do your research before hand. You will get so much more out of the conference if you come prepared knowing what you want to accomplish and who you want to meet. As The Kid wrote, “Stop being a weirdo so go meet some people!”. I think msdanielle may be organizing a get together. If anyone else is attending this year’s event, give her a shout and let’s meet up.

To help you plan AdTech San Francisco 2008, visit build your itinerary and check off the events you plan to attend and simply print out the list or save it in your own profile for later use. For all the MAC users out there, sched*AdTech will let you see who else is attending a particular session or event, which events are the most popular, create groups calendars combining your schedule with others’ and view events by location. And you can even download an iCal file of your personalized schedule to your calendar of choice. Check both out and see which one works better for you.

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