Maximizing Revenue through Targeted Ad Serving

Targeted Ad Serving Do you own a website and does it receive traffic? Do you convert that traffic into revenue? If so, then this article is for you. Let me begin by asking this question. Have you maximized the amount of revenue generated on your current website? If your answer is no, then let’s discuss targeted ad serving to help get you closer to the yes answer.

Did you know that in general, organic search engine traffic is made up of 70-80% of users from the US and 10-20% from Canada & the UK? These are general numbers. Your website will have different percentages but the main point is that the internet is borderless and you should be taking full advantage of it!

Targeted Ad Serving Questions
Do you know which ads on your website pay you based on the location of your users? In other words, if someone from outside of the US sees a particular ad on your website, can that be translated into income? A CPM ad will generate money for you without having you do much except serve the ad but on your CPA & CPL links (affiliate & lead generation offers), do you know which merchant(s) that you promote who actually does not pay you if the lead is not US based? Given that non-US traffic can be as high as 30% on some websites, why serve an “only available in the US” ad when it can never generate revenue for you (up to 30% of the time)? Bottom line: Do you run targeted ad serving?

The Answer: Targeted Ad Serving to the Rescue
To put the right ad in front of the right user, you can use an open source ad serving technology like phpAdsNew. It requires PHP + MySQL to run but once installed, you can geotarget all your ads using a free geodatabase like this one from MaxMind. Running geotargeted ad serving will allow you to serve specific ads based on the geographical location of your users. No more serving an ad that is not geotargeted. With phpAdsNew, you can now maximize your revenue through targeted ad serving, just like the pros.

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4 thoughts on “Maximizing Revenue through Targeted Ad Serving”

  1. Hey Ian,

    I’m glad we connected the other day. Good article. Hopefully some of your readers will check out OpenX for some of these solutions. For you readers phpAdsNew is now called OpenX.

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  2. Another Ian! Nice 🙂

    No doubt many users will find OpenX just as useful, if not, more useful than the previous versions of phpAdsNew. In fact, with your new hosted option, it means no more technical updates on the user’s part. How nice is that!

    Thanks for chiming in and I look forward to testing out your hosted option to roll out an additional 5 million ads / month.


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