Fixed: iPhone Duplicate Sent Emails End up in Outlook Inbox

iPhone duplicate email outlook inbox Since I have been using the iPhone 3G, email has been working perfectly until this morning. I have Outlook set to retrieve email via POP and my iPhone using IMAP. All of a sudden, I am receiving a copy of emails sent via the iPhone in my Outlook Inbox. This issue is definitely common, especially when connecting to a Gmail account using multiple clients such as an iPhone, web browser and Outlook. It is a known issue and well document here:

My problem is a slightly different as it is happening on a non-Gmail account and the problem was non-existent until today. After some digging around, it looks like my iPhone’s setting got changed. Not sure how or why but there is a simple fix. On your iPhone, go to:

Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars, there is a setting called “Always Bcc Myself”

For some reason, this was set to “on.” I disabled this and all is well again, no more duplicate emails being sent to my Outlook Inbox when I reply to an email from my iPhone. If you are also experiencing this duplicate email issue when sending emails on an iPhone, try this simple fix.

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2 thoughts on “Fixed: iPhone Duplicate Sent Emails End up in Outlook Inbox”

  1. Thats weird, maybe your alternate identity sneaking through in the middle of the night to change your settings?? Or your wife playing a trick on you 🙂

  2. It may well be Chris. The only thing that even comes close may be a recent sync. Never updated to the newest OS but that may have been the cause? Who knows – as long as I am no longer getting these duplicate emails anymore! 🙂


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