Enhanced Online Campaigns – Ultimate Targeting for Google AdWords

Enhanced Online Campaigns in Google AdWords Online marketing is becoming more sophisticated and marketers are looking for even better tools to help them do their jobs and more importantly, to gain that edge over competitors. In the past, it was difficult to target a specific audience in a Google AdWords campaign. Normally when you use keywords in your ad groups to contextually target ads, Google will match them to relevant pages across the hundreds of thousands of sites on the Google content network. But have you ever wanted to bid more (or less) for a specific content network site you’re contextually targeting? Or write customized ad text for a precise group of pages, such as news articles or relevant discussions on social networks? Now you can!

Enhanced Online Campaigns – Targeting Specific Web Sites

Advertisers will now be able to increase bids and more accurately target sites they are performing well on with greater ease. Google has combined keyword-targeted and placement-targeted campaigns into a single online campaign type. As of yesterday, you can target keywords and placements together in the same ad group. This new tool is called Enhanced Online Campaigns. By doing so, you combine the benefits of contextual targeting with placement targeting: use keywords to show your ads only on contextually relevant pages, then use placements to set specific bids for, or restrict your targeting to, sites you value differently from the rest of the content network.

This is great news for AdWords advertisers and AdSense publishers. Increased targeting means the advertiser may bid higher for keywords and this increased ad spend should trickle down to the publisher’s end and result in increased AdSense revenues. At least in theory, this should happen.

Gain the SEM Competitive Edge

So if you are looking for that edge over the competition in search engine marketing, look no further. Google suggests these 2 ways to use the new Enhanced Online Campaigns to highly target your keyword buys.

1. Set custom bids for specific placements
2. Show your ad only when both keywords and placements match

For more information on, check out Google’s Enhanced Online Campaigns page.

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13 thoughts on “Enhanced Online Campaigns – Ultimate Targeting for Google AdWords”

  1. Google always surprise me with their talent to resolve the e-marketers needs in a way that you can not be out of Google proposals, because it becomes always the perfect solution.
    There was a blog post in spanish titled something like this: “the day that I waked up oppening my eyes to the fact that I do everithing with Google” and agreed with this blogger, I can add “and the day that I waked up to the fact that learning with Google I’ve found a way for living, making money with a decent job and self working at home taking care of my family.”
    The Google technology allows the people to learn, and create a job for yourself in an easy way, something that is not mentioned enough when we talk about Google.
    Adsense and Adwords is for me not only a genial global business, these tools are also a chance for many people to survive and get a life!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about this Google en-
    hancement. You really sound like you are on top of things and know what you are doing.

  3. This will also help increase revenue for AdSense users because ads will be targeted to a more focused audience, increasing the chance of an ad being clicked on.

  4. What’s new with these enhanced campaigns is the ‘placement’ tab within the Ad Group Details page of the campaigns; inside which one can target specific websites. Google then uses the keywords to place the ad on the most relevant page’s of the sites added to the placement tab. This leads to massive control over the content network.

  5. @Lanzarote, I agree with you. Google always work out with a good way to resolve any issue. These will be good for both publisher for AdSense and advertiser like me.

    Thank you Lee for great post. 🙂

  6. I think there are four stakeholders in the equation: Google, the publisher, the advertiser and the visitor. All will benefit from this new ‘tweak’ by Google. However I wonder how much of the extra charges will be shared with the publisher. But still, any extra cent is worth it when multiplied over many sites and over time.

  7. Great article, having the right keywords can be difficult, but when done properly the results can be fantastic.

  8. We have only started using google ad words recently and are still learning, this is a very useful post, hopefully we can maximise our advertising opportunities now!


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