AOL Likes Tacoda’s Transparency and Behavioral Targeting

Tacoda acquired by AOL As mentioned in “Affiliate Marketers Don’t Behave. Do You?“, companies like 24/7 Real Media and Tacoda serve behavioral targeted ads. Since 24/7 Real Media’s recent acquisition by advertising holding company WPP Group (WPPGY), I have been wondering who will be the lucky one to acquire Tacoda. I am a believer that behavioral targeting can play a positive role in affiliate marketing and have been wondering who will want to acquire behavioral targeting technology. Today, we find out.

Earlier this morning, I received an email announcement from Tacoda about their acquisition by AOL. Looks like AOL sees the potential of behavioral targeting as well. Tacoda prides itself on being the only network providing transparency, control and data privacy to their partners. Having worked with Tacoda, it is definitely nice to receive monthly reports of traffic behavior. No other network as I know it provides this type of web analytics to publisher partners.

Way to go Tacoda. Congratulations are in order!

Ian Lee
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