Port Moody CP Holiday Train Festivities

After all these years of seeing photos and videos of the CP Holiday Train (Canadian Pacific Holiday Train), I finally saw it with my own eyes. What a fun event that took place tonight (Dec 18, 2018) in Port Moody.  Glad my wife suggested we go a little earlier so we may have a better […]

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Cheapest Way to Print Photos – How I Saved $550 in Ink

As our digital assets continue to grow, we are all accumulating an insane amount of storage data on our hard drives and the cloud. Most of these will either gather digital dust or eventually encounter data degradation and become corrupted over time. Yes, digital files can go stale due to a phenomenon called data rot […]

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Minami Yaletown Restaurant Grand Opening

On June 21, 2012, Gloria Tsang, Founding Editor of, and I were invited to attend the grand opening of Minami Yaletown Restaurant. Located in the heart of Yaletown in Vancouver, Minami is poised to spread Aburi style sushi from Vancouver and beyond. In fact, we were there when Miku Restaurant, sister restaurant to Minami, […]

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Kingston 32GB Class 10 SDHC Cards – SD10/32GB versus SD10/32GBCR

It came time for me to purchase a new SDHC card and the requirement was that it had to be fast enough to cope with the high demands of dSLR burst-shooting and HD video recording. Given the current price point in Canada, the biggest bang for the buck for a branded SDHC card at this […]

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Good to Bad –

There comes a time when some websites must decide whether they must charge users to increase revenues or close up shop due to insufficient funds. This is particularly true for many non-profit websites as they just do not bring in enough advertising dollars to sustain the cause. But when a website with 150,000 members, whose […]

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