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How to Watch CBC Olympics App While Away from Canada

During my wife’s previous out-of-country business trip, I setup a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for her to connect home so she can watch some FIFA World Cup Soccer when she had some down time. A VPN is needed yet again as she is now out-of-country for another work trip and the 2016 Olympics in Rio are happening […]

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SSD – The Best Computer Upgrade in the Last 20 Years

I have been using a computer since the 486 days and have upgraded every piece of hardware inside a PC. This SSD upgrade, by far, is the best upgrade I have ever experienced. There is no other hardware upgrade that have resulted in such a massive performance increase, hands down. Here is how I did it. It was that […]

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How to Output Sound from Speakers and Headset Simultaneously

Computers are a wonderful thing but sometimes, the simplest tasks seem to be the most difficult to accomplish. Have you ever been frustrated by repeatedly having to unplug your headset from the front of your computer just so you can hear audio from your speakers? Or are you savvy enough to have used a splitter […]

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Upgrading from Microsoft Vista to Windows 7 – Microsoft Ripped Me Off

There was a time when a personal computer would just do what it was supposed to. I am referring to the tried and true Windows XP operating system. Over the last two years, newer computers came loaded with its successor Windows Vista. I have to admit, I liked the new user interface and some of […]

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